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A collaborative and immersive community create to freely share your creativity, photos, videos and more!

Webstar has the exclusive license to Why You Matter live ( which was created out of a necessity for a social media platform free from the usual constraints and frustrations where users enjoy free expression and superior privacy. 

Big Tech control access to almost all information. News, politics, world views, ads, products/services, tech, entertainment and the list goes on. Their reasons for doing this do not matter. But you matter. Your thoughts matter. If people can access each other’s thoughts freely matters. is a truly autonomous social media platform that disrupts the social media establishment by providing an innovative platform that allows what Big Tech will not. Freedom for all.


You will have freedom of speech. You will not be censored, labeled or edited. 

You will have a true “timeline”. Your timeline will not be a “feed” manipulated by an algorithm to control what you see and how you are seen.

You will experience general ads. You will not be spied on and have ads targeted at you. 

You will own your content. You will not be held hostage by the loss of your content history.   

You will own your own persona. You will not be censored or suppressed.

You will earn points based on your usage that can be redeemed for future Webstar services.

Why You Matter Online Social Community

A collaborative and immersive community created to freely share your creativity, photos, videos and more!

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