Gigabyte Slayer™ Mobile App

Gigabyte Slayer™ Is A Revolutionary Mobile App That Will Forever

Transform The Way Data Is Transmitted Across Mobile Devices

Blazing Fast Data Speed

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Gigabyte Slayer™ is a revolutionary mobile app that transforms the way data is consumed via mobile devices by innovating how mobile devices access and transmit data. Gigabyte Slayer™ enables significantly more data throughput over all existing 4G or 5G networks using patent-pending data compression technology.


"Mobile traffic is expected to grow by 31% annually between 2019 and 2025."

Source: The Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2020

“Mobile network data traffic grew 51% between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020 and reached 60EB/month.”

Source: The Ericsson Mobility Report, Q4 Update February 2021


Upgrade Your Compression, Not Your Device or Plan

With the disruptive Gigabyte SlayerTM mobile pp, Webstar aims to level the playing field by making your existing network and current phone or mobile device faster and more secure regardless of accessibility limitations due to cost or geography. Our Gigabyte SlayerTM mobile app changes only how your data is moved by that mobile device on that mobile network. No need to change the device or the network. Imagine, you won’t need to pay to upgrade to a 5G phone or a 5G plan and still get even better 5G-promised speeds and security. Even with a 3G phone on a 4G network in the middle of a 5g desert!

                 “… get even better 5G-promised speeds and security. Even with a 3G phone on a 4G network in the middle of a 5g desert!”

At a low monthly subscription cost, our Gigabyte SlayerTM mobile app gives all mobile users access to the best of what costly 5G phones and plans have to offer to the fortunate few who live in the right place and can afford to pay the high prices for an upgrade phone and an upgraded network.

Fast, Secure Data is Now a Necessity for All

With increasing demand for mobile devices fueled by work-from-home requirements and video/gaming consumption, coupled with the associated network infrastructure required to support the data growth from mobile device adoption, the main near-term challenges faced will be access to and the cost of that data for every business and individual. Fast, secure data is now a necessity for all. Our Gigabyte Slayer™ mobile app uses patent-pending data compression technology enabling download and upload speeds in excess of 5G-promised capabilities using any mobile device on whatever network is available. Even a 3G phone on a 4G network in a 5G desert. 5G not required. Additionally, our Gigabyte Slayer™ mobile app natively integrates enhanced encryption functionality to further harden the transmission and security of data over traditionally insecure mobile networks. More security and speeds greater than on 5G-promised networks but all using any mobile device on any mobile network. All you really need to upgrade your data experience is a monthly subscription to our Gigabyte SlayerTM mobile app on your existing mobile device.



Gigabyte Slayer™:

Virtually eliminates data buffering

Improves video and gaming streaming

Enables faster downloads and uploads

Adds additional data protection and security


Gigabyte Slayer™ utilizes all existing 4G and 5G networks and makes those networks perform better. The innovation is in the compression of the data, not in the network it travels upon.

Data Buffering

Virtually eliminates

data buffering

Performance Boost

Enables much faster downloads and uploads

Optimized Streaming

Improves data transmission for optimized streaming over constrained mobile networks

Data Protection

Adds additional data protection and security hardening

The Growing Demand For A Faster Mobile Network!


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Transforming The Connected World