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Advanced Online Classroom Technology with Enhanced Student Social Features

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Webstar eCampus™  is a powerful, secure and agile app for creating online classrooms that enable users to join even with low bandwidth data connections

Between 2020 and 2024, the U.S. e-learning market could grow by $72.41 billion.

Source: BusinessWire

In 1995, only 4% of corporations used online learning. Now 90% of corporations have shifted to this mode of learning.

Source: KPMG

Powered by our patent-pending data compression technology, Webstar eCampus™ will become the online education platform that can securely deliver content and reduce educators’ bandwidth consumption by up to 65% while providing seamless access to even low bandwidth users. These features will enable colleges, universities, vocational schools and other educational institutions to increase student matriculation rates, reduce average classroom costs, and improve the student experience thus improving revenue, service, success rates, and profitability.

In addition to bandwidth constraints and security concerns, online educators and trainers are challenged by the exorbitant costs for data and video content transmission and storage. Students are frustrated by buffering, stalls, and storage requirements and the need to upgrade their hardware and data plan.

With the increasing demand for mobile access to educational services that works well for all, educational institutions must prepare for and provide easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Webstar eCampus™ is ready to provide services to customers throughout the United States and the World. Our goal is to help any educational institution to be able to offer their students better virtual and visual access to their live or on-demand services from anywhere in the world.

Easy to Implement

Easy to implement with

no hidden overhead costs

or growing pains

Uptime Reliability

Cloud SaaS software reliably and securely hosted for your peace of mind

Support Services

Solid support services to ensure questions/concerns are addressed efficiently

Balancing the Classroom

Today’s increasing classroom size makes it more and more difficult to be effective teaching students every day. In addition, the prohibitive cost of building new schools and hiring teaching staff makes it difficult, if not impossible, to decrease overcrowded classroom size.

Webstar eCampus™ virtual online classroom access services will provide a solution to this problem.

By implementing Webstar eCampus™, you will be able to offer your students the option of taking your course online, from anywhere in the world. Your educators will be able to engage and teach, with Webstar eCampus™ bringing them within hand’s reach and allowing them to meet face to face even when they are a continent away.

Students could have perfect attendance, with access to all the same classroom lessons and activities at their convenience on-demand. Webstar eCampus™ services will be the smart choice for all educational institutions, enabling them to offer their students a secure, online education with an enhanced social component at a reasonable cost.

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