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Transforming The Connected World

“The Power in the Palm of Your Hand is Becoming More Powerful!”

The Power in the Palm of Your Hand is Becoming More Powerful!

Webstar Technology Group is pioneering a new era in data communications innovation that will unleash the power of mobile and online technology capabilities through disruptive global data delivery advancements that have never before been experienced! At Webstar, we realize that the world’s online and mobile capabilities are being held back, not only by current hardware and software but by limitations in meeting the world’s data demands.


We understand that people’s expectations are set by current technology capabilities and we are in the process of acquiring an exclusive licensing agreement with Soft Tech Development Corporation for advanced technology that will propel us light years ahead toward our goal of delivering data faster, cheaper, and more securely.

After years of research, Soft Tech has achieved a major breakthrough in data communications that will transform the way people connect and communicate. Our retail and enterprise customers will be able to experience significant improvement in their ability to move and secure data, stream videos and move large files faster, at lower cost, across all communication platforms: mobile, wifi, satellite or landline networks.


Our advanced technology, soon to be introduced through our exclusive partnership with Soft Tech Development Corporation, includes Gigabyte SlayerTM app for retail mobile customers; Warp-GTM data software solution for commercial and enterprise customers; and Webstar eCampus virtual, on-demand, online learning solution for educators and academic institutions.


At Webstar, we anticipate high demand for our retail and commercial software solutions due to the ever-increasing global demand for mobile devices, smart devices, and other data delivery channels; as an integral part of business operation and growth, as well as a vital, growing part of everyday life.


Keeping people securely connected to each other

Developing solutions to optimize global demand for data is at the core of Webstar’s innovative technology goals.


We live in a world of ever-changing technology that improves our way of life. Our mission is to do our part in helping tomorrow’s aspiring technology to evolve.


Our team loves to collaborate with solution-oriented, innovative people and teams to create disruptive data delivery technology, lowering costs and greatly improving the speed and security of data for every day people.


In business, timing is everything. In order for us to accomplish what we set out to do, our focus is on executing our plan in a systematic process, to achieve maximum success for those who will consume our software.

Gigabyte Slayer™ and Warp-G™ will be powerful tools that will enable Advanced Data Compression and Security Capabilities.

You will soon be able to use your mobile device with confidence - anywhere you go. Gigabyte Slayer™ will make mobile device networks faster and safer, at a lower cost, and for everyone! You will be able to web surf, stream video, and download more data and with less restrictions.

Warp-G™ enables SMB and Enterprise organizations to experience an optimal data experience by enhancing data encryption, optimizing data compression, improving data storage by maximizing the available storage medium, coupled with enabling greater data speeds than previously achievable.


Why Webstar?

Webstar Technology Group collocates solutions and technology to meet the growing global data demands. For the individual, a small business or a huge corporation, Webstar’s innovative technology focus on:


- Faster data movement

- Data storage solutions

- Heightened data security

- Online interpersonal connections 


Through an exclusive licensing agreement with Soft Tech Development Corporation, we strive to offer our retail customers and enterprise partners significant improvements in each of these areas.

Transforming The Connected World